About Ibrahim Alkurd

Ibrahim Alkurd is an entrepreneur & investor, currently focused on Lavaliere Capital Management, a multi-award-winning digital asset investment firm managing over $30 million.

Path to Entrepreneurship

In 2015, Ibrahim Alkurd ventured into the world of internet entrepreneurship, embarking on arbitrage trading activities across multiple exchanges. Recognising a significant gap in the market for reliable companies operating in the cryptocurrency mining space, Ibrahim founded New Mine in August 2016, marking his first venture.

What’s Next?

Ibrahim is currently focusing his efforts on the technology and finance sectors as he believes these have the highest impact and growth potential in the coming decade. He currently spends 80% of his work time building and 20% investing into startups. His investment thesis is partially focused on inspiring entrepreneurship in those from a low socioeconomic background. Ibrahim has also set up the Samar Foundation, a charity working on global aid to those suffering from poverty, conflict and natural disaster. The foundation was named after his mum who has been a big inspiration and support for him. 

Recognition & Awards

Ibrahim Alkurd has received notable recognition and awards for his contributions and achievements. Some of the noteworthy accolades he has garnered include:

Uprise Europe 2018

Ibrahim was honored as one of the "100 most innovative talents under 30" in the UK and Ireland by Uprise Europe.


Ibrahim was listed on the 2023 Forbes 30 under 30 list in the Finance and Big Money Startups categories

North 30

Ibrahim was recognised as one of the "30 change-makers under 30" in the north of England by North 30.


The following is a list of companies founded or co-founded by Ibrahim Alkurd. Excluding any venture capital investments.


Lavaliere Capital

Lavaliere Capital Management contains early investors and adopters of digital asset technology as well as world-class mining and machine learning experts.


New Mine

New Mine is a leading provider of a turn-key solution for the blockchain mining industry.


Alkurd Capital

Alkurd Capital is a private entity that manages the investments of the Alkurd Family of the UK. The firm predominantly invests in real estate, public markets and private markets.


Niyyah Capital

Niyyah Capital is a venture capital fund that invests in the multi-trillion dollar emerging halal economy. Entrepreneurs are provided with funding and mentorship.


Samar Foundation

The Samar Foundation is the non-profit arm of the Alkurd family. It helps those affected by poverty, conflict and natural disaster.

Project 1 Billion

Project 1 Billion is comprised of a group of high performing entrepreneurs with the goal of improving the lives of 1 billion people worldwide.

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Having invested in over 80 companies, Ibrahim Alkurd's investment portfolio primarily focuses on the digital asset, technology, and Muslim market sectors.

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